Demontre Parish is a design professional with a technical background and a big imagination. As a veteran of the United States Navy, for eleven years he worked in information technology (IT). In 2009, he chose to pursue an interest in a field of study that would become his passion: design. His technical talent and creative aptitude aided him as he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Motion Media Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduating, Demontre started a career as a freelance designer taking on a variety of clients in a range of industries including television, music, short film, real-estate, apparel, education, and mobile applications.

This combination of practical IT skills, classical arts education, and work experience in design has honed him into a well-rounded art director. Priding himself on his craftsmanship, Demontre has received feedback that he creates thoughtful, inspired work.

He has had the opportunity to work for clients like the Weather Channel and local television stations CW69 and Live 5 News in Atlanta, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. In these work settings, he learned the rigors of designing in production environments that changed by the minute based on current events and evolving technology. This has allowed him to build skills in broadcast and motion graphics, as well as print and web advertising.

Demontre was born in Germany and spent much of his childhood in Europe when his father was in the United States Army. His European mother – believing that his education had to be enriched with experience – ensured that he was exposed to as much of the world as possible. This is a tradition that he has continued into his adulthood by joining the Navy, which allowed him the opportunity to see much more of his beloved homeland, the USA, as well as the Far East. Demontre claims Atlanta as his hometown. It is where he went to school and met his wife, Minka Bell Parish. They split thier time between Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC with their dog, Mack.

Demontre-Sized_0000_Parish-Honeymoon---20130607-299Ketchikan Alaska

Demontre-Sized_0002_Parish-Honeymoon---20130615-539Adalberto’s serves the best burritos I have ever had in San Diego, California.