Final Sneakeranity (Logo)(Red)(Cropped)

Sneakeranity Clothing Company

Shoe culture is booming and Sneakeranity caters to those who pay attention to whats on their feet. This clothing line strives to come out with apparel that coincides with major shoe releases.

Sneakeranity is a Georgia based company that focuses on the new and “Retro” sneaker industry’s growth in the past decade or so. We hope to provide you with many options of apparel, sneakers, and accessories to add to your wardrobe. Sneakeranity T-shirts are made up of 100% ringspun cotton and six ounce weight which are produced with best screen printing quality on the market.

Being a sneakerhead is not just a hobby, nor is it a lifestyle, It’s a religion…..”Follow Sneakeranity Or Your Sole Will Perish”

Final Sneakeranity (Icon)(Red)

Sneakeranity Logo and Icon

I was tasked with branding this exciting new clothing line. I worked closely with my client to come up with visuals that are fresh and trendy. The logo is made out of shoe strings and even though there is a lot of detail I was able convert this over to a graphic that would be easily screen printed for apparel. As part of the branding package an icon was created to put in place of the logo when needed.

There are several examples of clothing here.

Online Marketplace

A web site was built where we could show off and sell our products.